Does investing in Real Estate make sense for you?

Buying a property for Investment

Risks VS. Rewards


. Your income is passive. Aside from the initial investment and upkeep cost, you can earn money while putting most of your time and energy into your regular job.

. Your income should grow. You dont just earn rental income; as real estate values increase, your investment rises in value.

. Interest on an investment property loan and Costs you have are Tax deductable.

. Real estate Values are more stable than the stock market.

. Real estate is a physical asset. Investing in stocks isn’t anything you can see or touch.



. Although rental income is passive, tenants can be a pain to deal with unless you use a property management company.

. Unlike stocks, in most cases you can’t sell a portion of your real estate. its all or nothing.

. Entry and exit costs are high.

. If you don’t have a tenant, you have to pay all expenses.